Measles Reality Check

Read this well written article by Peggy O'Mara to understand measles better.

"We have to tolerate some disease because even when a vaccine is as effective as the measles vaccine, it won’t work for about 2% to 8% of recipients. And, measles vaccine acquired immunity is reported to wane in at least 5% of cases, within 10 to 15 years after vaccination."

Breastfeeding Insurance and Reimbursement

With the new Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), insurance companies are finally beginning to cover lactation services and necessary aids and equipment; like breastpumps.   After I have attended several seminars on insurance reimbursement, the consenses is that the US insurance industry is in turmoil and confusion about adding lactation services and equipment to their reimbursement menu. Each company is intrepreting the ACA in it's own way. 

You are not alone if you are confused!


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Infant Nutrition During an Emergency!

Valuable information for all parents of babies! Please Share! Breastfeeding, formula feeding, frozen breastmilk info, breastpumping info.

Infant Nutrition During an Emergency--Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics

A gift to my daughter (for every mother and her mother to read)

My wonderful friend Mary posted this on her blog, and I think it is the best advice for grandmothers I've ever heard expressed.   She has graciously allowed me to share her thoughts with you!   Jane